Some Things from the Internet

Stop Free Haircuts?
Really? ‘My god, they’re homeless, they need to get out and make money to pay for a haircut. We cannot allow this to continue.’ So pround to be an American.

Who Needs Librarians?
Well, I”m sure you know I’ve said this before, but ignorance is what is wrong with our country. Libraries mean knowledge. Knowledge means not voting for morally repugnant, self-aggrandizing, under-educated morons. So let’s get rid of libraries and librarians. Yep. The American Way.

Lamps are hard, people
I have several lamps. They each have a switch that I manipulate to turn them on or off. Every now and then I have to replace a bulb. Is this beyond the ken of modern humans? Let me pay 600 dollars for a lamp that will turn itself on and off. Okay.

I don’t know, people. Is there any hope for humanity left? We probably won’t be around long enough to find out, based on the climate shit that is going on a super-speed. So whether or not we lose the ability to turn a lamp on or off will be completely irrelevant.

Cynical Jean would love to NOT be cynical, but it’s just not possible in today’s world.

3 thoughts on “Some Things from the Internet

  1. Every day I’m mind-blown more and more. These people have been right here among us all along…how did we not see it??

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