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Gillette Ad

Here’s part of a comment:  “@Gillette has made it clear they do not want the business of masculine men. ”

So this ‘masculine man’ apparently thinks the bullying, harassing women, and other equally disgusting behaviors is what makes a man ‘masculine’?  I pity his wife (if any woman was unlucky enough to have married him) and family.  Being an asshole is not what makes a man masculine.  Sorry to have to tell you this, sir, but you are a dickhead.


5 thoughts on “Gillette

  1. Agreed. Also, many have panned Gillette for being “politically correct.” Which means that the right thing to do is to be politically incorrect by supporting bullying, sexual harassment and assault, catcalling, etc.? Ugh.

  2. Well said, both of you. Trump has allowed the creeps to crawl out from under their rocks, and well done Gillette and others for taking a stand against them. ‘Politically correct’ is the creeps’ way of saying they don’t like any opposition to their worldview. I don’t want to live in their world, and so I try to support those who stand against them with my dollars, wherever possible. That old saying, ‘Put your money where your mouth is’, seems particularly relevant in today’s world. I don’t shop at Walmart, there are certain items I don’t purchase at all, because every cent I spend is then condoning their inhumanity. I refuse to do that. Alone, I cannot change the world, but that does not mean I won’t give it my best effort anyway.

  3. Oh, the internet has gone insane over it. Well, scared white men have. The story is always how fragile women are, but the past year or so has proven exactly who is.

  4. Did you know that once there was a women’t baseball team, but they were so much better than the men that women were banned from playing baseball. Oh, those fragile egos. Somebody is doing a really bad job in raising men.

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