New Laptop

Came today.  FedEx.  They just dumped it in the lobby.  No notice of any kind.  A neighbor whom I do not know buzzed me, and when he came up he said he saw it downstairs.  I thanked him and before I could get my keys, he had gone and got it and brought it up to me.  I complained to Dell, who said that it’s up to the carrier whether or not an item is ‘sign for’ or not.  Really?  Anyway, I told them maybe they should choose a more responsible carrier.  I hate FedEx.  They always just dump deliveries in the outer lobby, where anyone off the street can just walk in and help themselves.  Dell is giving me a 30 dollar rebate for my trouble, though.  🙂

Anyway, it is much more powerful and yet costs less than my old one.  It’s smaller and silver (did I order silver? need to check that) and so far I love it.  Backlit keyboard, like a macbook, too.  Coool.

Took a break from pt and all because got overwhelmed with so much going on, and also having a lot of pain that I did not have before.  So is it helping or not?  Don’t go back til Friday next week, so hope pain is better by then.

Very cold weather.  It’s winter, but rain, not snow happens.  I like snow.  Oh, well.

Hmmm.  I seem to have wobbled a bit when I took this.  🙂


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