2 thoughts on “A Good Interview

  1. What an amazing woman! That was fantastic and something I would have never seen or found on my own. I saw a very good, still relevant, older documentary the other day and all I could think was how do you get this sort of thing out in the mainstream. How can you make the average person aware of things like this…on a large scale. I don’t know. Maybe I need to found a company that bombards tv and social media with things that matter. Wouldn’t that be something!

    • She really is amazingly smart and articulate and very aware of what’s wrong and how to possibly fix things. Never heard of her til I started watching “The Good Place”, and just came across this interview while looking for something else. We are not always consciously aware of the pressures young people are under in today’s world, although I remember years ago overhearing the neighborhood children, who were in second or third grade, moaning about their weight and looks. At that age, you should be having fun just being a kid. We are so obsessed with the superficial in this country, and look where it’s gotten us. A reality tv idiot running the country.

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