I love October.  Been gray and rainy off and on for several days.  A bit chill here and there, too.  Had my first Viking Thaw  of the season the other day, and actually had to turn the heat on for a bit a few days ago.  I  just had the a/c on a couple of weeks ago.  Never a dull moment with weather.  🙂

I am still not back to however good I was before the July whatever it was I had.  Lots of pain, still exhausted all the time.  I know these are fibro symptoms, but they have been worse since I was ill.  Upped the Prednisone to 3mg, and it helped, but only marginally.  Seeing the doctor on the 24th, for all the good it will do me.  His sign saying no one should be in pain does not apply to me, or so it seems. Complain, complain.  Sorry about that.  🙂

Here’s a quote I just came across:

“To the States or any one of them, or any city of the States, Resist much, obey little,
Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved,
Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city of this earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty.” —from “To the States,” Inscriptions Walt Whitman

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