Still Hot

Don’t know where this picture is from, but I have had the a/c on for twelve days. Twelve. This is a record for me, because I do like to open the windows. But it is like soup out there. The dew point has been in the 70’s for the whole twelve days, I think. It’s more like the DIScomfort index. Hot and sticky is my least favorite weather condition.

I was quite ill in early July. Went to the ER after several days of pain, pain, pain and misery, and had many tests. Nothing to say what I had, but I am better now. Still pretty weak, but slowly, slowly improving. I did get an extra homemaker hour and a second homemaker who will do shopping, food prep and cooking, and cleaning up after. Yes. Cooking is not something I do a lot of, because pain and exhaustion makes it very difficult. So real food again. Hooray!

One thing about any illness is that it makes the fibromyalgia much worse. So besides whatever illness you have, you are in ten times as much pain as normal. Not fun.

I’ve been back-and-forthing about getting another cat, and now it turns out the new homemaker is allergic, so that decided that. I miss having another living thing around,though. Being alone most of the time, it kind of gets to you, although after many years, I have gotten pretty used to it. Charles, my non-cooking homemaker, worries about it for me. Kind of sweet. He’s not the best cleaner I’ve ever had, but he is a really nice guy. So I have kitchen Lori, and everything else Charles. First time I’ve ever had two different homemakers, which is what they are called by the agencies.

Well, just thought I’d check in. If anybody is still out there, hope you are having a good summer. I know it’s not a good summer in most areas. Global warming is real. Vote the idiots who deny it and are doing everything possible to take away any sort of defenses we have, out of office. Please. Those people are blinded by dollar signs, and profit is all that matters to them. And yet, people still vote for them. I do not understand humanity. We seem to be one of the stupider species on this rock. Oh, well.

5 thoughts on “Still Hot

  1. Ugh. That heat is the last thing you need on top of being ill. Good to get the extra homemaking, though! We had gale force winds today. Seems to be calming down a little now it’s evening. My silly chickens still wanted to sleep on the roof. Don’t know what’s got into them, but I had to go out there in the rain and wind and stuff them back into their little house. Daft things.

  2. You’d think the chickens would be smarter than that. ‘We could blow away’, but no. We had chickens when I was a kid. I used to gather the eggs. The rooster hated me, though, and used to peck the heck out of my legs. Fun times. I remember going with my grandfather to the hatchery down on Fourth Street to buy the baby chicks. Rhode Island Reds, I think. We were very Walton-y when I was small. πŸ™‚ Did you get The Waltons tv show? I never understand why other countries get our shows, but we don’t get theirs. Hardly seems fair.

  3. I was just getting to the ‘time to send a ‘how are you’ email’. πŸ™‚ Sorry about the pain…it’s really, really sucks, I know.

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