Yesterday it was in the high 80s F.  Today it’s in the low 50s.  I love New England.  It had better not snow, however.  Nearly June, people.  Had to close the window next to me, as a cold, cold wind was blowing straight in.  Brrrr.  Having coffee (at 2::47 pm, yes, I am crazy), because coffee/awake all night, coffee/awake all night.  The scales balanced in favor of the coffee.  Not that I probably wouldn’t be awake all night anyway.  🙂  Tomorrow’s Monday, and it’s another day of absolutely nothing happening, so who cares, right?  Tuesday and Friday, when my homemaker comes, are the only days I am pretty much guaranteed to see another human being, or speak to one, mostly.  I know, whiny Jean is whiny.  Not meaning to, just showing you my life of living alone with a chronic, debilitating illness.  Fun times.

After my excellent day, right back to not-so-excellent.  Wasn’t kidding when I said one good day in a row.  Didn’t even fire up the laptop yesterday.  Now I am just here, alone again, with nothing to do or look forward to.  Why can’t I motivate myself?  I could be crocheting, or trying to figure out that whole knitting thing, or maybe attempting to cook something, or sort something or do SOMETHING.  But no, it’s read or watch tv.  I am such a loser. Motivation, is there an app for that? A shot or pill that bestows instant energy would be nice, too.

I binged this show called Hard Sun last night.  Pretty much a cop show, but with the end of the world as a kicker.  I though it would be people preparing, etc, but that wasn’t it at all.  Still, a good show.  One of my fav actresses, Nikki Amuka-Bird, is in it.  First became aware of her in the Torchwood episode Sleepers, and she was fantastic in it.  Also there is Derek Riddell, another fav,. Oh,and it has Ukweli Roach, another fav.  I have a lot of favs, it seems. There is also the neatest flash drive, ever.  I want one.


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