Seems Charles did not buy tilapia for the soup, but some fish he couldn’t remember.  So maybe I don’t hate tilapia.  But I’m still going for cod next time.

Gorgeous, beautiful day.  85 degrees, but feels much cooler in here, even with windows open.  Was trying to get my housing papers sorted, and am out of magenta ink in the printer, so it won’t print.  Black and white doesn’t use magenta, does it?  Sheesh!  The latest update has messed some things up on here, too. Did I mention that already?  And the whole shebang is much, much slower.

Feeling pretty good today, so hooray!  Got a couple of new followers, too.  Don’t know what changed.  I rarely get new followers.  But welcome, welcome.  Please feel free to comment.

I have a black and blue burger from Market Basket to cook for dinner.  Oh, yum.  Blue cheese mixed in with the burger, and the edges rolled in crushed peppercorns.  Iron skillet, here I come.  They have really good beef at Market Basket.  Wish it was closer, so I could send my homemaker instead of only being able to go when Tess and I go, which is not a regular thing.  But when we do go, it is so much fun.  Shopping isn’t meant to be fun, is it?  But it is here.  Not at any of the other grocery stores around, though. I do like Trader Joe’s but I wouldn’t call it a fun time.  It’s a lot further away, too, so don’t go there very often.  They have some great frozen and premade things, which is good for me.  Cooking is not always possible, so I tend to open box, eat contents.  Sooooo Healthy.  LOL

6 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. I’m going to have to make those hamburgers; they sound absolutely delicious.

    Yeah, why can’t we just buy black ink????

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