What Ho, Fernando?

Well, it’s been over a month since I posted, and only my oldest kid even noticed.  Oh, well.

Missing a cat.  Really hard to just be alone with no other living thing around.  I don’t count plants, even though they are alive.  Something in the animal kingdon.  Went to the shelter last week to see if I clicked with any.  Did not.  Was surprised and upset to see that Luna is still there, and up for adoption.  Her card says ‘feisty’.  Wrong, I said to the director.  Dangerous. Unpredictably vicious is not feisty. ‘We don’t tell people that on the card, we talk to them about it.’  Like they did me.  The previous adopters brought her back after two weeks because she doesn’t like to be picked up.  That’s what they told me when I was interested in adopting her.  I’m sorry, but if someone loses an eye, or a child is badly injured, I hope they have repercussions.  Serious ones, because this is just wrong.  I stressed to them and explained in detail exactly what the problem with her is on more than one occasion, and did they think I was making it up, or what?  I am pretty angry about this, but I have no idea what to do about it.  Think I will check out another shelter in the next town instead of going back to them.

On the illness front, I have been in some serious pain for awhile.  I had gotten down to 1 and 1/2 mg prednisone, and have gone up to 3 mg to see if it helps.  So far, no. But I can’t live like that, virtually non-functional.  I ate cheerios for about a week.  Cheerios and milk.  And those little Keebler crackeru with cheese or peanut better in them.   I really wish someone would figure this out and come up with a fix, cause this really, really sucks.

It’s harder with the being alone all the time.  I don’t hold it against people, although I was pretty angry with one friend for quite a long time, but everyone moves on, finds new friends and activities, because who wants to be around the person who can barely move?  Fun times?  I don’t think so.  I will figure this out someday, if I live that long.  🙂  I am 74 now.  Older than dirt, but only on the outside.  One thing they don’t tell you about aging is it’s the body that gets old, not the mind, although, in high school, I knew kids who were already old in their heads.  In my head, I am still what?  Twelve?  In my head, I can still do everything.  Last week, my friend Tess mentioned a class she signed up for to exercise for endurance and strength.  Oh, can I go, too?  It’s free. Sure. Neither one of us thought that since it took me awhile to stand up and then be able to walk her to the door, that exercise class might not be among my better ideas.  Exercise class, Jean?  Really?  Pretty funny, actually.

Spring has finally sprung.  It has warmed up considerably, (please no hot and sticky, Mother Nature), and the trees across the street look like they want to flower but I think the leaves are going to win.  A bad year for flowers maybe.  It’s been so cold and gray for so long, the trees are confused, maybe?

Listening to my CaramellDansen station on Pandora.  I love that song.  Makes me want to jump around, if I could.  There’s a group on there I had not heard of, called OMFG.  Lots of catchy music.  It’s a good thing.  I also love my Abney Park station.  I love, love, love Abney Park.  I first heard of them in a Torchwood fan fiction, interestingly.  To me, anyway.   A Torchwood fan fic. Yum.   Turns out they are a real group, and I checked them out, and that’s it.  Hooked forever.  Steampunk. I love steampunk.  And Captain Robert.  Later.abney park groupshot

3 thoughts on “What Ho, Fernando?

  1. I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting everything lately. My parents have just got a house nearby and I’m in the process of helping them with paperwork and moving. It’s full on! It’ll be nice to have them closer, though. Poor Luna. It’s really not doing her a service to not accurately say what her problems are. I hope you find another cat. Going to look at a different shelter sounds like a good idea.

  2. I agree about Luna. I’m really disturbed by this. She is a sweet and lovable and affectionate kitty, right up until she tries to kill you.
    Nice to have your parents close, if you get along well with them. 🙂

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