Snowstorm Not

Got some snow, most didn’t even stick.  Pretty cold and windy, though.  Saw the dentist, he filled the tooth instead of removing it.  Yay.  I was soooo tired all day, too.  Had to have blood drawn at my doctor’s after the dentist.  Then to the store for soft food and yogurt.  Came home, ate and took pain meds, changed, read email, clunked on the couch. Was in so much all over pain and so exhausted, I could barely walk.  Kept falling alseep off and on the rest of the day, then slept pretty well last night.  Better today.  I think part of it was the infection, the getting up at 7:30 am, and the going down to 2mg prednisone.  This is the lowest I’ve been on in years.  Hope my body kicks in and does what it’s supposed to when you’re NOT on prednisone.  I plan to stay on 2mg for a month, then 1mg for a month, then I have a couple of halves to finish off with.  I want to be done with this.  The things it does to your body are not good.  On the good side of it all, the lower the dose, the more weight I am losing.  Hooray.

I’m puzzled.  How do you ask for help when everyone else has their own issues to deal with, and not wanting to be too needy.  I was dumped by a friend once for being ‘too needy’ when the situation that caused this was brought on by the friend, not me, so I am very wary of asking for anything from anybody.  My wonderful friend Tess, who drives me everywhere, thinks this is silly, but I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  For her to get sick of having to be the giver all the time.  I can’t and would not ever ask her to do more than she already does, anyway.  So what do you do when you can’t manage things and there is no one to help.  Hire people?  Do I look like Ms Gotrocks?  My bedroom is unusable, because thinks have been dumped in there by me and various homemakers, and everything is out of the closet because of the water heater, and I do not have energy to organize it.  I need help with that, and there is no one to help.  So what do you do?  Any ideas?  Anyone?  Please?

2a (3)

I have decided to call the cat CeeCee, for Crazy Cat, since she so is that.  Poor thing.  Her shelter name is Luna, which I just could not wrap my head around calling her that.  So it was’ Lunatic’, and ‘Gertrude, I mean Luna’, and then just ‘Gertrude’.  But she’s NOT Gertrude.  I still miss Gertrude.  She was so sweet.  CeeCee I can do, so hope she isn’t too confused.  She still slaps me now and then, but hasn’t really bitten or scratched me in a while.  She does grab my ankle as I walk by sometimes, and I finally realized that she want to play when she does that.  She loves the laser light thingy, and gallops around after it, sounding like an elephant. She is so darn cute.

Oh, well,  Tired again.  Hoping to Get Something Done today, but we’ll see how that goes.  Gave all the veggies I was going to use in soup, etc., to Tess, because cooking is just not on right now.  There are some pretty good frozen dinner things in the stores, much better than the tv dinners of old.  Yesterday I had butternut squash and sage ravioli, organic, and very, very tasty.  That’s enough for today, I think. 

2 thoughts on “Snowstorm Not

  1. I wish I had a suggestion. 😦

    My cat does the batting thing, too. She also does it if I’m petting her and stop before she thinks she’s had her due.

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