49: do you like buying CDs and records? what was the last one you bought?

vinyl record

I used to.  Belonged to all those record clubs (buy one, get 10,00 free).  Well, maybe not 10,000, and not really free.  But when my husband left, he took my records and my record player, among other things, so then later I bought cd’s.  Now I have a bunch of cd’s I never play, because YouTube.  You can find any music on YouTube.

So after moving to 3 mg Prednisone last Wednesday, I went through several days of pain, so much that I cancelled my homemaker yesterday and slept til 3:30 pm.  Much better today.  It takes a while for my body to adjust to the lower dose, and it is not fun during the process.

Went to Thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant with DD2 on Thursday.  Fancy schmancy place  in downtown Providence, not far from Atwell’s Avenue, with the pineapple.

Here’s what I wrote my friend Tess about it.

“Very nice place, attached to the Omni Hotel, across the street from The Providence Journal building.  Very posh, very loud.  Need some sound-proofing tiles or something.  Dinner was good.  Not spectacular, but very good.  Turkey was so-so,  more like processed turkey, but the veg were really good.   Real mashed potatoes, cubed sweet potatoes cooked with something tasty and not completely covered with marshmallow stuff, and green beans perfectly cooked with onions, bacon and sliced toasted almonds. Kris took the leftovers home.  Not the turkey, just the veg. Stuffing good, cranberry sauce had orange and cinnamon, very nice.  We ordered both desserts and split them.  The pumpkin cheesecake was nice, but not really cheesecakey, and the carrot cake was delicious and no nuts, which made Kris happy.

But the star of the dinner was the Lobster Bisque, made with tomato.  We wanted to order a gallon to take home.  Oh, man was that stuff good. A really lovely cocktail, kind of like a margarita but with sugar on the rim, and stuck on with some kind of juice, cranberries on the stirring stick.  It was really good. Merry Berry, it was called.  I’d order that again in a flash.  That and the lobster bisque, oh, yeah. I would just order those if I ever went back.”
Seriously, that lobster bisque was amazing.  It was quite an expensive dinner, but was worth it just to spend the time with DD2 and go to some place snazzy.  Service was incredibly slow, at one point we were wondering if they remembered we were there. But a nice experience over all.
It has gotten much colder recently, with the occasional warmer day here and there.  Hoping for some snow this winter.  I like snow.  I don’t have to shovel or drive in it.  🙂  I’d still liked it back when I did, though.
Luna and I are getting along swimmingly, except for the odd times she attacks me.  Haven’t figured out what that’s about.  Is she playing, frightened, startled, what?  Still very happy I adopted her, though.  She is great company and wants to sit with me all the time.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it.  Later.

3 thoughts on “49: do you like buying CDs and records? what was the last one you bought?

  1. I have CDs for the car and to my kids’ disgust, I play the same ones over and over and sing along. But I’ve started collecting records. They’re so cheap and there’s some really weird stuff in the thrift shops. I have a record player and I’m going to put it in the visitor accommodation, with a little collection of weird and wonderful records. The dinner sounds lovely. Got to have a treat every now and then!

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