It Was A Foggy Morning in That Same Neighborhood

Taken around 7am.

Luna from last night, just for fun.
And because she’s just so darn cute.

Serious pain day. Took three ibuprofen a couple of hours ago, but so far, have not kicked in. Work, dammit. I usually reserve that phrase for my laptop. 🙂

2 thoughts on “It Was A Foggy Morning in That Same Neighborhood

    • She is a cutie. The other day she jumped up onto the desk (laptop keyboard) then onto my shoulder, where she proceeded to rub faces with me. Then again, she tends to randomly attack me with teeth and claws. She is learning though. I just forcefully say ‘NO!’ a time or two and she immediately stops and waits for me to hit her. Someone has mistreated her somewhere. I just slowly reach over and pet her and talk to her soothingly. Why hit an animal for just doing what comes naturally to them? Teach them, instead. It can be done. Luna and Ibrahim. Two choices that almost went the other way, and I am now so glad I kept both of them.

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