39: what color do you wear the most?

Blue.  Jeans, teeshirts, sneakers.  No real reason, just that it’s an easy color,  Not my favorite color, by any means.

Feeling really crap today.  Haven’t been sleeping well, even when I take the knockout pill.  Achy, tired, blah!  On the bright side, it poured, and I do mean poured rain earlier.  I had to close the window because it was raining right in.  It was marvelous.  Now it’s just cloudy with a few blue patches here and there, and chilly in here.  Made some lovely Earl Grey Tea.  I’ve had this tin for years, and slowly am parceling it out, a cup here, a cup there, and it’s getting low.  Can’t seem to find a replacement.  I can order from the company, but this tin is 48 dollars with shipping. If they could make it apparate, it would still be 20 dollars. Twenty-eight dollars to ship a 4 oz. tin of tea. Really? I bought it in a moment of insanity from Amazon awhile back for 38 dollars total, but it never arrived.  Now it says it can’t deliver to my address. What?  Well, darn.
2017-09-30 14.57.06

3 thoughts on “39: what color do you wear the most?

  1. Soooo… what is your favorite color? I have no clue.

    BUT..we were talking about perfumes the other day, and I remembered that you love Rive Gauche (sp?).

    • Yellow. Also orange, green, rust. But yellow.
      I thought they didn’t make Rive Gauche any more, and I don’t wear perfume anymore anyway. But I googled it, and it’s still for sale. Here is the most pretentious review of anything ever: ‘Rive Gauche, a perfume created for Yves Saint Laurent in 1970, is a warm cloud of silver dust slowly settling to reveal a lush rose’.

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