New Followers

Right this way.

I recently got a couple of new followers, which both surprises me and makes me happy.  Thank you.  Thanks to those who have been following me all along, as well.  I sincerely hope some of you will comment now and then, even if only to tell me that I am the most boring blogger on the planet.  Any feedback is good feedback, as they say about publicity.  🙂

I just realized that I have posted a couple of the questions twice.  Do I look like I know what I’m doing, because looks can be deceiving.

Had a bad night.  Lots of pain, and then wound up sleeping to 4pm.  I ordered Chinese for a very late dinner.  Oh, the cat is in attack mode. Guess it’s time to play.  Again, so pleased to have new followers.  Thank you.

not expecting this

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