36: which band’s sound would fit your mood right now?

abney park groupshot

I do love me some steampunk.

May get a cat.  Waiting for shelter to call to start the approval process. Remember when people just gave away kittens and puppies?  Not any more.  Everything is for sale, and at the shelter, you have to pay for whatever medical things they have done to that particular cat, like shots and spaying, etc.  Hmmm.

Trying to get under control with food.  Buy it, then don’t prep or cook it.  Idiot!  Buy it already prepped, and/or already cooked.  Having a store-made salad right now.  Cut up fruit in single serving sizes.  I pay more, I know, but it’s better than paying less and then wasting it.  Making pizza, too. Which kind of negates everything I just said, but oh, well.  I make great pizza.  🙂

So I read this article:

Apes and Bad Science

and it seems to me that humans are genetically programmed to have a better than/less than mentality.  We need to feel superior for whatever reason.  It causes tremendous problems in the world, and especially right now in my own country, where the rich old white  men seem to have a driving need to feel superior to everyone else on the planet.  Don’t know how to fix this, of course.  I may be brilliant (inside joke), but even I am not THAT brilliant.

Having a pretty good day, so I am happy.  Later, peeps.  Peeps?  Seriously, Jean?


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