Today I Woke Up To

this, another butchery of the once lovely trees outside my windows:

After the last butchery, two years ago:

And how they looked before the highway department started in on them:


The other thing I woke up to, after decreasing my Predisone 1 mg, Saturday or Sunday, I forget, is all-over pain.  I am so over pain.  I do not understand why I cannot make my rheumatologist understand what he keeps condemning me to.  I lose hope.


5 thoughts on “Today I Woke Up To

  1. What the…Why do they keep doing that to the trees?!

    Isn’t there anyone else you can talk to about the meds? There must be someone. Cuz this is just bullshit.

    • I don’t know what they’re thinking with the trees. They have said they are going to take them out completely, because they break in storms, although I haven’t seen that happen and they are right across the street, so I think I would have noticed. Maybe once a branch came down, in almost seventeen years of living here.

      I am looking for a new doctor. I agree that this is bullshit, and I am really fed-up with my rheumatologist.

      • The house next door will be going up for sale sometime, and I have this terrible fear that the new owners will cut down the gorgeous, HUGE pine tree in the front yard. I will bawl my eyes out.

        • Oh, I hope not. That would be cruel. I keep looking out my windows and saying Sorry, trees. I’m sorry they butchered you again.’ I talk to the trees. Yes. Yes I do. I miss them, the way they were. They look like trees after a bomb has gone off nearby. I’ve seen pictures.

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