Gertrude is doing very well so far.  Off one of her meds and still no upchucking.  Looking better, seems to be putting on a teeny bit of weight, even her fur feels softer.  I am happy.

Called an endocrinologist today, after reading that they do Prednisone withdrawal treatment.  They’ve called back three times with questions, and I am still waiting to hear if she’ll take me on as a patient.  Nothing wrong with my rheumatologist, but we are just never on the same page.  I want to have a life, he wants me off Prednisone, even a small dose, which supposedly has no side-effects.  So hoping to get some help managing it with someone who isn’t just focused on getting me off it completely.  They tell you you have to balance the bad side-effects with the benefits of drugs they give you, so why doesn’t that apply here?  I know there are side effects.  Get me on a low enough dose that I can function and not have those side effects, and then leave me alone. But no.  Does not happen.  Frustration.

Days are getting much brighter.  It is almost March.  Spring will spring, be sprung, whatever.  So long as it’s not hot and sticky, I’m good with it.

Too tired to really make much sense here, so that’s all, folks.  2015-06-06-14-08-22


4 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. Good to hear about Gertrude. I still miss old Cuddles, but I’m not thinking about getting another cat at this stage. The grandson one day a week is enough cuddles and cleaning up after, haha!

    Hope the meds get sorted for a while, no fun when you can’t get things worked out so they actually work for YOU not just for them…

  2. Yay for Gertrude feeling better!

    I hope she takes you on because getting you where you need to be and then taking you back down is just plain stupid. *fingers crossed for you*

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