januaryi-love-wintertumblr_n6hrvmcQQj1ro6jb7o1_r1_500RedhousesnowSnowmanglobeAt last, we are having a real snowstorm.  Hooray!  I love snow.  I don’t have to shovel it or drive in it, so what’s not to love?  Still in pain, still in a daze, still spending most of my time on the couch.  So looking forward to this phase being over.  It will be over, won’t it?  Please tell me it will be over.  Anyway, WINTER!  Yes!

5 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Love those little watercolour rabbits! Well, the phase went last time. And the time before. So, based on past evidence, it will get better. Hope it already has! Hot here today, it’s going to be 30C. We’re going out to visit someone who has a garden Richard may be able to park his bees in, when he eventually gets a swarm. The hive is ready and waiting.

    • That’s from “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady”, which is the work of Edith Holden.
      It’s -9.44444 celsius, according to my converter. 15 degrees fahrenheit. I think I prefer something in between 30 and -9.4444. 86 fahrenheit is too warm for comfort. Something around 70 F is perfect. It’s a beautiful sunny day, though. Breezy and all. Frostbitten nose, anyone? Staying in is me. LOL
      Never kept bees, although I used to know someone who did. I’ve heard it’s a very satisfying thing to do. Do you have to wait for a swarm to come by and choose you, or are there other beekeepers you buy a swarm from, or how does that work? We had a huge swarm settle in a tree behind us in New Hampshire, and a local beekeeper came and collected it. Brave soul.

      • Well, he’s joined the local beekeeper’s society and done a course, which now means he’s on a list. They get calls from the public when someone discovers a stray swarm in their backyard. Should get a call fairly soon. Looking forward to all the yummy honey and nice beeswax, but I guess it’ll be a bit of a wait yet, haha. The garden was amazing, look up “wwodbank Rare Plants, Longley”

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