What Can I Say?

People keep dying. Carrie Fisher died, George Michael died. How many is that? I don’t know any of those who died this year, but I knew their work, and they’ve been part of my life for a long time.

After a month of miserableness, capped by well over a week of super-miserableness, I think (hope) I am slowly coming out of the pain/exhaustion cycle. I hope. Too soon to tell. Going out today, hoping to have enough energy to last. Not been on the computer much, since sitting at the desk for more than half an hour doesn’t seem to be possible. Oh, well, days are getting longer, had the windows open yesterday (DECEMBER, Mother Nature. What the f?)

Guess I’m not back to happy, happy just yet. LOL

The following article is good. Comments, too. I love comments. I used to read all the letters to the editor, back when I read newspapers. Like to know other people’s take on things. I wish I could celebrate those morons who supported Drumpf getting what’s coming to them, except I’ll be getting it, too. Social Security, Medicare, all the protections we have (had) are going to go away, I’m afraid, and the supporters are saying, “What? I didn’t know he was going to do that.” Because clearly all you cared about was getting permission to hate and discriminate overtly, and didn’t pay attention to anything else orange gas-bag man said. So yeah, up yours. Except, as I said, I will suffer along with you. Anyway, here’s the thing:


Here’s another in a similar vein: It’s kind of disturbing to realize what many of my fellow citizen are really like, but there it is.


In the last one, someone said a lot of evangelicals voted for Trump because they believe he will usher in the End Of Days.  Not being religious, this did not occur to me, but I do think this is going to be the end of us..  I was hoping for more progress and enlightenment, not a return to the Dark Ages.  We are so screwed.  I do what I can, which is mostly signing petitions, but we all need to do whatever is possible for us to fight this moron and his hateful band of really poor excuses for human beings.  Stand against them at every opportunity.  If we’re going to go down, we should at least go down fighting.  Right?

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