Why Do You Read My Blog?

If it’s for fibro/illness related posts, here’s one.  I feel like shit.  In spades.  On the bright side, since I  quit the omeprazole (prilosec), my back is hurting much less.  It’s one of the side effects, back pain.  On the other hand, I have heartburn every time I eat anything, and a pill got stuck in my esophagus the other day (oh, painful is an understatement), which has never happened in all the zillions of pills I’ve taken.  Turns out, getting OFF the omeprazole is as bad or worse than being on it, because your stomach now has no defense against too much acid on its own.  So they give you meds that destroy a necessary part of your digestion, in order to keep you from having too much acid. Does this make sense?  ‘You take a lot of meds that are hard on the stomach.  Here, take this to help with that.  Oh, you can never get off it, because now everything you ever ingest will cause too much acid and you have no defense.  Or something.  The meloxicam side effects, aside from stomach bleeding, are bloating (your stomach keeps expanding and is hard as a rock)  and bad breathing, like you can’t take in enough air in a breath.  Among other things.  These are bad drugs, and they are still finding out just how bad, according to my pharmacist.  I seem to have forgotten the rule, somewhere along the line.  The rule is ‘never take anything that has not been out for at least ten years, because it takes that long for all the side effects to show up’.  And maybe even not all of them show up in the ten years, either.  Medicine is a profit-driven industry, it is not about the patient’s health and well-being.  Not anymore.

I wish you’d comment, people out there, because sometimes I feel like I may as well address the wall, but I keep typing anyway.  Oh, well.

God, I feel awful.  Really, really awful.  Weak, tired, in pain, heartburn, exhaustion.  I’m supposed to go out for dinner tonight with a friend I don’t see often, and I really don’t know if I’m going to be able to when the time comes.  Merry Christmas, Jean.  Yeah, right.Exhausted

2 thoughts on “Why Do You Read My Blog?

  1. Hope you made it to dinner. Yes, bloody side effects… I had to change my blood pressure med because they didn’t make the old one, that worked perfectly well anymore. New one is useless. Wish I could send over some sunshine for you and a few fresh strawberries!

    • I did, thanks. We went to a local place owned and operated by an Irish family. Had Guiness stew. Big plate/bowl of stew with a mound of mashed potatoed plonked in the middle. OMG, it was so good. The best comfort food. Could not eat it all, so have some to reheat for tonight’s dinner. Still feeling much better today. Those meds were bad news. Never taking anything again without first checking with the pharmacist. Doctors only know what drug reps tell them, and they also get perks and bribes and all. Just read a thing about that today, in fact.
      New and improved never is, have you noticed? We don’t make this anymore, but here’s a new and improved med you can take instead. Riiiight.
      I would have liked the strawberries. Thanks for the thought. Hope the house is going well.

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