And Today

Spent literally almost all of yesterday in shock, scrolling, reading, blogging, reblogging, commenting.  All on Tumblr.  Checked Facebook and Twitter, but since I’m not really on them, it was a cursory glance.   Helped a lot to vent and to read people’s thoughts about it all.  Felt much better at the end of the day.  Was out today, and when I checked in around 6pm, seemed like most of the furor had died down and things were a lot back to normal, which kind of surprised me.  It’s like ‘OMG, OMG, OMG….here, let me post about my fav tv show’.  Can kind of understand it.  It was an emotional shitstorm yesterday, so some normalcy is a good thing.  I just wasn’t expecting it so soon.  I truly am dreading what’s going to happen.  Speaking just for myself, I depend on the the government for funding of the services I get because I am ill.  What happens to me if they go away?  I do not have to worry about being deported and never seeing my family again, and my life isn’t in danger from angry morons who might beat me up or even kill me because they think it’s okay now. ‘I mean the President-elect hates you, so it’s perfectly fine for me to act out my hate for you as well.’  But I am still very, very concerned. Humanity is not my favorite species.  Individually, some of you are spectacular, but as a species, we really, really suck.unfathomable

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