The Friday Five


1.Do you believe in reincarnation?


2.Have you ever felt that you knew someone the first time you met them?

No, but I’ve clicked with people right off and felt comfortable with them, like old friends.  I think we resonate a certain energy, and sometimes you meet someone who is on the same ‘wave length’, in a sense.

3.Have you ever visited a foreign country or city for the first time and found that you knew exactly where things were?

Never been to a foreign country, except for a brief trip into Canada. A couple of hours brief.

4.Have you ever looked in the mirror and ‘seen’ a different face?

Good grief no. I’d be calling the people in the funny farm to come and get me if that ever happened.

5.Is the belief in UFOs, aliens, physic powers, etc, growing because the belief in religion is dying?

I think it’s more that people have been accustomed to the idea of these things through so much sci-fi in movies and tv that they don’t seem quite so unreasonable.  I think religion is dying because it refuses to adapt to the changes in the world.  We do not live in ancient times anymore, and religion seems to want us to.  If you can’t change and adapt, you die.  It’s true of almost anything.

2 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. Your last comment is especially interesting and thoughtful. I’d not considered that aspect of religion, but you are right. it does not adapt willingly to modern times.

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