Couple of Things Found Surfing Today

Not in the water surfing, on-line surfing.  I’m never sure if on-line should be hyphenated or not, or if it’s one word.  Oh, well.

Anyway, here a couple of links of interesting reads.  They got me thinking.  I have a friend who I used to think was similar to me in our philosophy, political and otherwise.  Then, after years of listening to Dr. Laura, and watching talk show after talk show, and Fox News, my friend has become one of those people who think poor people are all ‘gaming the system’, people who weren’t born here should all go back where they came from, it’s great to lock people up in modern-day concentration camps with no representation, or charges, or any reason except someone thinks they could be a terrorist, possibly maybe.

You can be brainwashed.  It’s very subtle, and you probably don’t even realize it’s happening.  Especially if you never question what you read, see, hear, and never look for other points of view.  It’s a very complex world, and only hearing one side of any issue does not equip you to make rational, logical, intelligent decisions about any issue.  Here’s the links:

This one is funny. Block your parents from watching Fox News.

Fox News is dying of old age. My heart does not break over this.

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