More Good Days

The kitchen lights quit working Monday night.  Yay.  Called Maintenance Tuesday morning, he was next door and came right over.  Fixed sink sprayer, since I had already bought the parts, and while that was happening I mentioned the broken freezer AGAIN, and showed him the temp gauge which read 20 degrees.  Freezer should be 0 degrees.  Anyway, he had to go to Home Depot to get lights, came back, said landlord told him to order a frig.  Just like that.  After over a year of asking.  Fixed kitchen lights, completely replaced bathroom fixture with an actual bulb one, instead of the florescent one that was there.  Happy, happy, me.  Then new frig came yesterday morning.  Wow.  Everything fixed, just like that.

I had a very busy Tuesday. It was homemaker day, so getting ready for and dealing with that, maintenance, and helping out and writing down measurements, and moving things for easier access, etc. then cleaned out the frig, putting everything in containers for easy transference, containers back in frig to keep things cold. and more.  Busiest day I’ve had in ages, and first time in ages I’ve been well enough to be that busy and do that many things.

Put the freezer stuff in the box my vacuum cleaner came in.  It’s a good box, so I’ve kept it around.  Freezer stuff was just flours, ice cream maker, nuts and grains, not actual ‘needs to be kept frozen’ food, because broken freezer, duh.  Anyway, when they open freezer to check before taking frig out, vacuum cleaner box.  Big laughs all around.  It was pretty  funny.  Two delivery guys and Peter the Maintenance Guy all cracking up.

So things actually work now.  It’s a good thing.  Peter said he will speak to landlord AGAIN about changing central air filters, too. I explained that I am worried the units on the roof, which are very old, could overheat and catch on fire because of having to work hard because filters are blocked. Landlord has insurance, but the rest of us would be screwed. And I think they are finally finished with the road work, which has been going on between 10pm and 7am for a few weeks.  It was very quiet road work last night, and I think they finished early, so hoping they’re done.  It was annoying, bright lights, building shaking, lots of noise, but they did it that way so the downtown businesses would not take another hit.  They were hit hard when we had the fire a couple of years ago what with the street being closed for awhile and water damage and frost damage.  It was very cold and snowy when we had the fire.  So I can take a bit of inconvenience.

It was kind of amazing.  10pm, all is well, 11 pm, big huge deep hole in the intersection.  7 am, no hole.  That night, 10pm all is well, 11pm, big huge deep hole in the intersection.  7am, no hole.  This went on nearly every single night.  Hole, no hole, hole, no hole.  Amazing that they could even do that, and what a lot of work, when it would have been so much easier to just dig the hole once, do all the pipe replacements, refill and repave.  I personally think it was a good thing to do it this way, because downtown is important.  We need downtown business to keep our town going well.  It was pretty bleak for awhile, and then we got a fancy restaurant from Boston, and then more new businesses, including more nice restaurants, art shops, all sorts of things, and downtown is thriving again.  It’s a good thing. It’s a very user-friendly, safe, pleasant town to live in.  Some of the Patriots live here, too, although I’ve never seen any of them walking down the street.  🙂

Before the fire, it’s all very pretty:P1020171.JPG

After the fire, and didn’t those seasons change quickly?:9gScreenshot 2014-01-03 16.19.41the fire 4






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