A Beautiful Day and Some Bad News

It is a stunningly gorgeous day. Mid fifties, windy, sunny blue sky
with clouds floating here and there. I am energized and have loads of mental energy, a rarity with fibro. If this is what Trazodone does, why didn’t anyone give it to me before now? If feels so great to be able to Get Things Done. Yes!

Now, for the bad news. My homemaker, my Traci, is leaving. Two more visits and done. On the bright side, for her anyway, she got a much better job with benefits and vacation and sick and personal days, so I am very happy for her. Not so happy for me. She’s been my homemaker for eight years. Eight. I think that’s a record in the ‘lasting in a shit job’ category. Cleaning other people’s toilets, doing other people’s laundry, all for barely above minimum wage pay with NO benefits and no pay for mileage or travel time. I hope we’ll be able to keep up the friendship part, but it’s never the same to come back to a place that used to be a job, as anything other than a worker. Like a friend.

You have to adapt. Part of zen is learning that it’s the wanting things to stay the same that causes suffering, because life is change, and if you can’t adapt and come to terms with that, you are screwed. I choose happy, so adapting is something I work on. Ah, well. My Traci:0c4a

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