Spring Has Sprung

Taken Wednesday. IMG_20160511_112709Park No reason to post both pictures, but they make me smile, so there.

It got cold today. Over the course of a few hours I closed one window, added a sweater, closed another, then another, changed to a heavier shirt, closed another. Then turned on the fireplace. Been organizing my desk and cubbies and such, but it is slow going because I am still in a lot of pain and it’s a lot easier to mess about on the laptop. But I’m making progress.

I cooked a couple of days ago. Make a sweet and sour chicken thing that wasn’t very tasty at all, but edible. Just finished it off today. Added some mango chutney, which helped with taste. I love mango chutney. I have a recipe (I hope) that I made long ago that, like this one was meant to be, was actually like sweet and sour chicken, not that horrid pink sticky glop you get when you order in. Who thought that up?

It’s so nice to be cold and need a fireplace, than to be hot and sticky and need…well, there’s nothing that really helps when it’s hot and sticky. Even the a/c fights a losing battle. That’s it for now.

2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. That’s what I love about here, that it hardly ever gets hot. Mostly just warm and cool in the evenings, so I can sleep. Sure hope that doesn’t change anytime soon! It’s winter here, but my magnolia has its first ever flower. Have to update my blog soon, I’ve been lazy!

  2. Oh, lucky you. I can deal with cold better than hot and sticky. It’s the sticky that does you in. And yet, there are people who love it. From your blog I can see that’s it’s absolutely beautiful there, too. Am I green? đŸ™‚

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