A Rant About Strawberries.

Giant strawberries. So large they actually have cores. Unpleasant cores that need to be removed. That seems the only size available anymore. Smaller strawberries taste better, growers and sellers, and cores are just no.

Also, has anyone noticed that the tube in the roll of toilet paper is twice as big as it used to be? And now, all the tp I’ve seen in the stores is narrower, and the roll is about half as thick. I know grocery shrinkage has been around for some time, but come on. I don’t know how to combat this, does anyone. I read sometime ago about an olive canner who realized that if he left one olive out of every jar, his profit would increase dramatically. I think this is where the whole thing started. You pay the same or even more for less, and what recourse is there?

Yay, done ranting.

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