All of my services have ended, even my lovely PT guy. I’ve been having an asthma attack for nearly two weeks, and saw an allergist yesterday, who prescribed a new inhaler, one with a ‘black box’ warning…may cause death. Oh, joy. But not breathing well is not good. Get very tired very quickly and it inhibited my progress from the surgery quite a bit. But overall, doing pretty well. Am trying to get outside every day, unless it’s raining or I just don’t have the energy to move that much. Been shopping, a few doctor appointments, more activity that I’ve been used to for quite some time. Enjoying it, even if it does involve pain and exhaustion. Need to call the surgeon’s office and set up pt there next. Harder, because transportation is always an issue, but hopefully it will be helpful So glad this all happened now, I don’t think I’d do so well if it was cold and short days and all. Sunshine is really good, getting outside is really good as well. Still nervous about having another panic attack, but I’ve been off oxycontin for two weeks and nothing, so hopefully I am done with that. Also, not looking forward to so much alone time again. I was used to it, but realized that to get by, I shut down a lot, and that’s never a good thing. So looking forward to more good things. Hope everyone is doing well out in blog land.

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