Had Another Anxiety Attack

I am not loving this. Woke up at 3am, read, started to fall asleep, and freaked. Afraid to go to sleep? seriously? So just jerked awake every time I started to fall asleep. This morning it got worse and started shaking and panicing. Took the Ativan, and people came from VNA for regular visits, which helped. Nurse says it could be withdrawal from the oxycontin now. Since I am trying to get off it. Not loving this. Do not want to be afraid I’m really hoping this stops as I clear the oxy from my system. Everything has a down side in medicine, it seems. Rats.

2 thoughts on “Had Another Anxiety Attack

  1. Oh, that’s not good. Are you going off it cold turkey, or gradually? it will pass eventually. Hope it gets better. Would putting the radio or tv on low if you can’t get back to sleep help?

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