Eighteen Days

after surgery. Doing pretty well. Discovered that I can’t do without the oxycontin, even at the risk of panic attacks, which seem to not happen if I take it after eating more than I had been. So, less pain and feeling better in general it is. Tired again all morning, and pain, but oxy and half a giant falafel wrap later, had a good, if lazy, afternoon. Opened window for half an hour, despite it being rather chill. Tess called, and we had a long and fun conversation, which helped with being okay on my first day alone since before surgery. Enjoying all the activity. Thought I would be overwhelmed after being alone so much for so long, but Thursday had FIVE different people come, and did fine. It’s going to be hard to readjust to alone when I’m better and people stop coming. Discovered that having the tv on with the station that runs old Westerns at a level I can hear but not make out what is being said, is very comforting. Gives the illusion of not being alone without having to pay attention to the programs. Weird? Helpful!

Everyone who comes is pleasant and friendly, and I’ve had some fun conversations. Nurse said it is a joy to come here, PT guy said he likes coming here because he always leaves cheered up. How nice. Made me feel good, both of them.

Really took the day off from doing any PT stuff, just a brief walk around my space. Will do more tomorrow, is the plan. PT will only come three days this week, so have to motivate myself. I am so not good at that. Seeing surgeon Wednesday. Hope he thinks I’m doing well. So there’s a little update.

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