The Happy Gene

I have long said that I think I was born with ‘the happy gene’, and it seems I am correct. Yay, me. 🙂

The Happy Gene

I am still doing much better pain-wise, and the freezing cold weekend is moderating. It was -14 below Sunday at 5am. Brrrrr. Supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow. I love New England. These are Fahrenheit, not Celsius, btw.

My homemaker has not turned up today. I texted, but no reply. I know it’s a holiday, but she told me Friday she would be working today. Poor homemakers, they get crap pay and unpaid sick/vacation time, and have to work most holidays. Good old America. They also have to pay for their own gas to get from job to job and to do the shopping, etc., for the clients.

1 thought on “The Happy Gene

  1. Hi there, sorry for the confusion with the tree! There’s no such thing as a pirate tree, it was just a little joke as it was tree with a hook in part of the trunk, a bit like an arm with a hook instead of a hand, like Captain Hook!

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