My New Favorite Quote

I think hell is something you carry around with you, not somewhere you go. ~ Neil Gaiman

Don’t know what went wrong, but I have been in pain since Saturday. I was doing so well, too. Very tired, also. Fuzzy brain. Not happy. It’s a beautiful day, though. Not as warm as yesterday, but bright and clear. Trees look like they are ready to pop buds. It’s barely February, trees. Climate change is real, people. Kind of scary, really, because the warmer it gets, the more bugs will be moving north from southerly parts of the continent. This can’t be good.

Watching another weird show on Netflix. Occupied. It’s Norwegian. Thank goodness for subtitles. I love Netflix. I hardly ever watch regular tv, unless it’s pbs or sometimes the news and weather. I am tired. Need to go lie down now.

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