Took Gertrude To The Vet Today

wpid-b24bda94-b23f-48de-a5da-9e3d74c5fb69.jpg I am now 420.39 in debt to my credit card company. It was so much fun getting her into the carrier, my friend Tess had to come early and help me. Gertrude was extremely well-behaved at the vet, though. Anyway, my point here is that 1. she hasn’t been to the vet in years 2. the cat carrier has been sitting in the living room for eons, completely ignored by her. I vacuumed it out and sat it near the desk yesterday, in preparation. She avoided it, and me, and mainly stayed under that dresser. So it’s been years since she was in that thing, and she still knew it was bad news. Who says cats don’t think? Or have memories? Or know that the cat carrier means a not-fun time? Picture was done with the lab app.

4 thoughts on “Took Gertrude To The Vet Today

  1. Poor Gertrude. My daughter had the same problem with her cat yesterday, luckily she wasn’t going to the vet, only to my place while they’re away on holidays. She lived here before Anna moved out. She knows me and the house and Cuddles the other cat. Still not happy, though, hissed at poor old Cuddles, who was only looking at her and has more or less stayed in the corner with her blanket, basket and litter box. Oh well. She’ll just have to manage!

    • Gertrude always hides when anyone is here, so Tess was thrilled to get to actually see her and pet her while she was on the vet’s table. Simon, my cat that died, loved everybody and even snuck out one day and went to visit a neighbor. Made himself right at home, too. Sneaky devil he was. LOL

  2. I fixed that problem years ago by putting my cat’s food IN the carrier. She was so used to being in it, that a closed door didn’t phase her.

    • Tried that. Went over lie a lead balloon, as they say. That’s why I keep it in the living room. I’ve tried and tried to get her used to it, with food, treats, catnip. No. She knows what it means, and she’s not having any of it. She didn’t try to get out once she was zipped in, though, which she’s always done and even succeeded at a time or two til I figured out how to prevent that from happening. She’s a lot like Kris was. I’m not doing it if I don’t want to, and you can’t make me. Good thing she’s cute is all I’m saying. LOL

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