Just Stuff

cookingI am cooking. Yay. Back hurts when I stand,so it’s chop an apple, sit down, open the package, sit down, etc. It will get there eventually.

Chatted with Moto G about my phone. This guy was polite, unlike the last one there, and I have to get back to T-Mobile about getting the correct sim card nd then trying phone again. DD gave me an older T-Mobile phone, which works, but not all of my apps work, and there are things about it that are annoying, like you can’t turn off notification sounds without turning off the ringer as well. Excuse me?

Decided to google Nexus 7 again, and apparently it’s just your tough luck if yours got bricked by that last update. Loved it. Won’t buy another one.

Got warm and humid. It’s November, Mother Nature. What the heck are you up to?

Saw the surgeon yesterday. Liked him. Apparently, I like everybody, except for one person I used to know, and not-a-real-doctor. Anyway, he wants to remove half my innards as a precautionary measure, I think, but first I have to try to get off the Prednisone, as it can cause problems. This means back to misery. I am so over misery. Oh, well. You do what you have to do in life. Back to cooking.

4 thoughts on “Just Stuff

  1. Hope everything gets fixed, phone first, then the other stuff. About the sounds – my husband’s got this whiz-bang fancy phone, but you can’t adjust the sounds individually. Mine’s ancient, but you can decide which level you want each sound, so at night I only have the alarm and the ring tone on, for emergencies and so we don’t sleep in. Message sounds stay off, they can wait.

    Remove half your innards?? Crikey. That sounds scary. Good thing you like him.

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