PT Follow Up

By Thursday, I could barely move. Literally. Spent the day on the couch, with the occasional practically-crawling trip to get water or bathroom break or whatever. Oh. Stiff and pain, pain, pain. Friday, much better. Actually was able to do things with my homemaker, like redo the stupid futon yet again. I am going to get that thing sleep on-able. I am. Then yesterday and today, back to pain and hobbling, but not as bad as Thursday. Did my exercises yesterday too, with lots of pain. Skipped them today. Tired and the rest. Humidity is rising again, which never helps.

Made up a playlist for my ellipse, and another for counting when I exercise. ‘Hold for 2 million seconds.’ Well, it seems like 2 million at the time. Actually, it’s more like 30. A good beat, like Alpha by Vangelis, helps with that. Tried to find more with a similar bpm. One of my favorite songs, Black Waltz by Blue Gillespie, fits right in. Yay. Most of my music seems to be fast and upbeat. I need upbeat with my life. 🙂

Came across this on the blogs today. It’s from here: Susan Branch She does lovely art work, and her blog is fun and beautiful. Anyway, I have friends like that. I am very lucky.

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