It Was A Day

And I am sooooo tired. Did not get nearly enough sleep, but got up and did my exercises anyway. Yay, me. Fuffed around, then had my first physical therapy this afternoon. Oh, good grief. It was so much fun. I belonged to a gym when I got sick, and had to give it up, but I loved it. This had very different machines, all of them fun. I am not in nearly as bad shape as I thought or look, which was a nice surprise. It was me and three men, very small class. It’s the ‘spine’ class at the local hospital. Twice a week for six weeks, assuming that I will still be mobile tomorrow. I am fine now, but sometimes the pain doesn’t kick in until a few days later. I was pleased I was able to do everything, and sometimes had to ask for more weight or resistance, because it was too easy. Only a couple of things were a bit more than I could manage for all the reps required, but that was fine. No pressure or pushing. I had so much fun.

Got home, spent an hour trying to order online from Papa Gino’s, but stupid computer kept freezing and needing a hard shutdown. I don’t know if it’s the tower or the os, but I am going for the 10 upgrade and that should tell me what I need to know. Anyway, tried the Papa Gino’s app on my phone, but it wouldn’t work properly. Fortunately, I had actual cash money, so wound up ordering over the phone. They have a really good Fenway Pasta dish that is enough for at least two meals, and really inexpensive. Tasty. I just started ordering from then. Haven’t eaten there in years. Their pizza sucks though, like everyone else’s these days. What went wrong in pizzaland?

So tired, but happy camper today, people. Oh, also had a long and very nice exchange with another Live Journaler. It was a day. A good one. Gorgeous sunset. Tried to take a picture, but did not show up at all well. Drat. Clouds were really nice on the way home from pt, and as the sun set, the north sky was really lovely. Here’s something from PBS Digital Studios Tumblr instead.


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