It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Thank you, Mr. Rogers.

So I had a tooth out on Thursday, in prep for the bone-building pills. I also found out why you have to have dental work done before you start the shots. You will not heal as well or at all if you are already getting the meds in the shot. My doctor neglected to explain this to me. The dentist who did the work is an MD, DMD, and FACS as well as a tooth-puller. 🙂 Last time I had dental work, just getting the Novocaine was excruciatingly painful, barely felt it this time. Who your dentist/doctor is really matters, it seems. The whole tooth out thing took two seconds. I swear. I was stunned. I had pain meds that afternoon, and have been pain free ever since with no meds. I think I lucked out getting sent to this guy.

I came across this on Tumblr today:


It occurred to me that it must be extremely stressful, as well as eating you from the inside, to live with so much hate, and to have to be constantly on guard against black rabbits marrying white rabbits and other such horrific happenings. I am so glad my mother raised me to not be prejudiced.

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