Long Winter Update

If you saw my previous Long Winter post, here’s a picture from today. The trees have been blooming just a few days, and I hope you can see the leaves already appearing, as opposed to it being almost two weeks of bloom in 2010. This is the most extreme behaviour in the fifteen years I’ve lived here. You can see the leaves on the top of the right-hand tree.050415b

Here’s what it looked like in 2010, before the assholes butchered the trees last year. The town has really fallen down on keeping things going well in the past few years. They only plow some parts of the sidewalks on some streets, and none at all on others. They have always plowed the sidewalks well until about five years ago. It’s very disappointing to see them just let things go, and to allow highway department employees who haven’t a clue what they are doing to butcher trees. Yes, I am still angry about it. Jerks.040810 005

2 thoughts on “Long Winter Update

  1. Annoying when you have to watch some idiot butcher perfectly good trees. My prents had a lovely tree across the road. It got chopped down completely. Now they have a view of an ugly brick wall and the people over there will get the full blast of the cold winter winds. Idiots are everywhere.

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