There’s A Downside

To cooking.  Cleaning up.  Apparently I can do one or the other, but not both.  Is the Prednisone ever going to get me back to a more functional level?  One can only hope.  Meanwhile, I seem to be losing ground quickly with keeping up with things.


Meanwhile, here’s Gertrude.

2 thoughts on “There’s A Downside

  1. Darn. Cook for 2 days and clean up on the ‘off’ day? Gertrude is a beauty. My cat’s been fighting while we were away for the weekend. Will have to see how that scratch goes. Hopefully won’t need a trip to the vet, which he hates.

    • Gertrude is strictly indoor, although Simon used to be both when I live in New Hampshire in the woods. Gertrude would not last long as an outdoor cat. She’s afraid of her own shadow, poor thing, and would probably hide til she starved. Don’t have to worry about ticks and fleas and fights, either. Simon liked to sit on the roof, whose edge was just above the railing on the deck where I lived, so easily accessed. He really DID think he was King of the World. I miss him. 🙂

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