Spring Has Sprung???

h3CCDC83AYesterday was the first day of spring…and it snowed. It was pretty. Mostly gone today.

I saw the rheumatologist’s assistant yesterday, and she okayed me for going back to 5mg prednisone. Will I get back to when it was working well and I was a real person? Who knows. When I see the actual doctor, he will want me to cut back again anyway. Meanwhile, I am going to have the bone-building shots once I get the tooth out and healed up from that. A few weeks. Also found out that you should NOT be taking ibuprofen with blood pressure meds. Prednisone raises blood pressure, ibuprofen interferes with the meds you take to correct that. The more you know…or why don’t people tell me these things in the first place? I’ve been living off ibuprofen for months. Did not sleep well, because of not taking ibuprofen before bed, then fell asleep on the couch after I got up. Very pain-y today, and exhausted, from going out, yes, but also from doing the stairs twice in three days. I am not good with stairs at all. Please fix the elevator. Please. Anyway, I took two extra-strength excedrin a bit ago, so waiting to see if they have any positive effect. Tylenol alone does nothing, and last time I took the excedrin, it didn’t either.

Tried to explain the difference in pain to the physician’s assistant. Say you sprain your ankle. It hurts. It’s miserable. But you can still hobble around, cook your food, do the necessaries of daily living. The pain and exhaustion that whatever I have causes is more like you have the worst cold or flu ever, and just want to lie down and die. All The Time. There is not enough energy to get together a bowl of cereal, or a cup of tea. I live on coffee that I make a big pot of on ‘good’ days and keep in the frig, and power bars and bananas, with the occasional frozen dinner, or I order in Chinese or a steak sub or such. When I am together enough to be presentable to a stranger delivering food. Which is not always the case.

I really think doctors just hear ‘pain’ and ‘exhaustion’ and don’t really understand what that means. I probably am wasting my time trying to explain it, but never give in, never give up. Or whatever. LOL

Here’s something I came across today. Numbers 9 and 26…I say these all the time. Not in those exact words necessarily, but they are pretty much my philosophy of life. I firmly believe that good comes out of everything, if you only allow yourself to see it. I speak from experience. Oh, there are pictures, too.

Harry Potter: 26 life lessons learned from JK Rowling’s Boy Who Lived
By Sarah Doran

via Harry Potter: 26 life lessons learned from JK Rowling's Boy Who Lived.

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