Today Is A Day

>ThinkingThat’s all I’ve got, so far. It’s definitely a day, but not one I am doing anything positive in. I am completely wiped after going to the dentist and lunch yesterday and having to do the stairs. Elevator is still down, and it’s not looking good for working anytime soon. I have the doctor tomorrow, so more stairs in my very near future. It usually takes a few days at least to recover, so I may have to just stay in the lobby a day or two after tomorrow. LOL

Need to have bone-building shots from being on Prednisone so long, so had to see dentist to have teeth put into good shape. In spite of lax seeing-the-dentist over the past few years, they are actually in pretty good shape. So yay.

Everything is overwhelming when you are in pain, and routine maintenance just gets lost by the wayside most of the time. I go if somebody says I have to, but usually, it’s ‘I’ll call tomorrow, do it tomorrow, whatever tomorrow’ and then tomorrow, it’s repeat, and many more tomorrows the same, until months may have gone by without me even really noticing. Time kind of takes on a different dimension when you are alone most of the time and hardly ever leave your living quarters. I read a story where Captain Jack (Harkness, not Sparrow) said he had spent six and a half years alone in a two-room space. I’ve spent most of fifteen years in a not much bigger space (I have a bathroom and a galley kitchen), and while not totally alone for all of that time, a huge chunk of it was and is just me and the cat. I figure about 98% of the time I am alone. Oh, maybe I’ve gone stir-crazy or have cabin fever and just haven’t noticed? It’s possible, I suppose. The few people I do see here and there haven’t mentioned anything, though. Maybe they don’t see me enough to notice that I am bat-shit crazy? It’s okay, though. I still have fun everyday. It’s a good thing. Crazy can be fun, people. Trust me on this.

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