weatherrecordsYes, it is snowing again. We have already broken the records for coldest and snowiest February in my area, and still it comes. It’s very fine and light and pretty coming down. The weather station pictured is several miles south of me. We have broken the records, they haven’t…yet. There are still two and a half more days in February.

Mild English question: I first wrote ‘There’s still two…”, but that is grammatically incorrect. So how do you write ‘There are’ with a contraction? Should I know this and forgot?

I am on the third day of a massive allergy attack. Sneezing, sneezing, sneezing. I even took two different antihistamines (after googling for safety) at the same time, to no avail. I even even opened the windows for an hour or so yesterday, it was in the low thirties so didn’t freeze. No help with the sneezing. Shower didn’t help, either.

Except for the sneezing, I think I am pretty much recovered from my really good, super, and excellent day on Monday. Cleaning out the stove drawer. In stages. Everything has to be done in stages, because pain. Have to sit down frequently. Pain is exhausting, too, so need frequent rest breaks. I could have done this in ten minutes once upon a time. Everything that might once have taken an hour, now takes ten or more. Getting things done is not easy with pain.

I’ve read recently that Duck Tales and Inspector Gadget are being ‘rebooted’. I loved both of these shows. Inspector Gadget, you may know, was based on ‘Get Smart’, which was hilarious in its first run, but seems so dated and stupid now as to be almost unwatchable. Sorry about that.

Hope you are all having a lovely, lovely day, night, whatever it is where you are.

1 thought on “Snow

  1. Good thinking, 99. That’s the bit I remember most. Funny how some stuff really dates… I watched an episode of Twilight Zone the other day and yes, it was dated, but still good somehow and quite creepy in spite of the crummy special effects.

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