A Comment I Made

on a blog I came across, wherein the blogger hates ‘liberals’ because some people have found justification for the horror going on in France right now. Blaming the victims, as it were. This bothered me, so I felt the need to express my view. I am posting it here because I’d like to know what other people think of what I said. I have my opinions about things, but sometimes I wonder if I am completely off the mark or right on. I think it’s easy to get into a certain mindset and not be able to see where you have gone wrong, something I frequently think has happened to people who watch Fox News. So anyone? Opinions, people?

Here’s what I said:

Do you not think that condemning an entire group based on the remarks of some is part of the problem? Liberals? I consider myself a liberal, and I am appalled at what is going on in France. I am appalled by anyone killing anyone in the name of whatever today’s cause may be. Wouldn’t ‘ignorant’ be a better name for those who see justification in killing for any reason? Uneducated? Misinformed? Even ‘brainwashed’ (probably by Fox News) could apply. Or maybe just ‘stupid’?

Unfortunately, we cannot go back to the days when everyone lived in a country that fostered their own values. People are mobile. We are all way behind in figuring out how to mix cultures peacefully, instead we call names, and group people into categories, and discriminate against those who are different, and we also, unfortunately, move into a new country and expect the citizenry in it to conform to our old country’s mores, rather than learning to tolerate and adapt to those of our new country. Seems to me that expecting a new country to instead adapt to your culture is just another way of invading and taking over, things humanity has been doing since we developed brains, apparently. I don’t know how to fix things, but contributing to the problem by condemning an entire group based on the actions of some, seems not to be the way to go

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