charlieI’ve wanted to post about this all day, but I’ve just been so angry, I can’t really find the words. Right now, jury selection is ongoing for the Boston Bomber trial. Relative to this, I was recently discussing with a friend the whole terrorism model. I don’t get it. How did killing people out for a fun day running or watching the Boston Marathon fix any of the problems in the Middle East? How did murdering what, eleven people, in cold blood in France help the Islamic cause? Did either of these acts make us feel sympathetic towards their cause? I don’t think so. Did it magically fix the problems? No. So what is the point? I do not understand how anyone can think that indiscriminately murdering and maiming innocent people helps their cause in any way. What kind of human being can do such a thing and think it is the right thing to do? How can you be that twisted? I despair for my species more and more as time goes on. Some of us make me ashamed to be human.

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