It’s My Blog’s Anniversary

GlitterGoldI started on Blogger eight years ago today. Did not know if I’d have anything to say, but apparently I did. This is my 954th post. I’ve gone through the whole range of emotions during this time. Happy, depressed, angry, puzzled, you name it. I hope that the miserably angry and/or depressed posts haven’t been the most I’ve done. I do get discouraged sometimes with the stupidity of my fellow humans, get sick of being sick and in pain, get lonely and weary of being alone 90 or more per cent of the time, but basically, underneath it all, I am a happy person. I have a good life, with enough to eat, cool or warm air at the touch of a dial, protection from the storms, the internet, some good friends who I don’t get to see often enough, and a couple of really great kids who I see even less often. And my cat. Can’t get by without my cat. Having another living thing around makes a huge difference when you’re alone, even if she refuses to make a cup of tea for me when I can’t get up to do it myself. Hey! I clean out your litter box, lady.

I’m hoping this is the best year yet for all of us, and I’m really hoping this is the year humanity finally gets a brain, but it’s not bloody likely, I fear. I’d like to resolve to do a post a day, or something else positive, but some days I don’t even turn this thing on.

If you’re out there reading this, I can only advise that we all be kind to one another, and do the right thing, and stand up to those who don’t. Prejudice, greed, bigotry, homophobia, racism…none of these involve doing the right thing. We need to work on this. Differences are what make us interesting. We could celebrate those differences, instead of persecuting those who are different. Besides, from their view, we are the ones who are different. We’ve all heard variations of ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated’. Why is that so hard to do, people? Make it a good year, a kind year, a tolerant and accepting year, and most of all, a happy year, for yourselves and everyone around you. Happy New Year, everyone.Happy-New-Year-2011

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