This is funny, in a disrespectful sort of way

BwtI4TEIUAAjro1Retweeted by Neil Gaiman and found by me on Twitter: Why we need the Oxford comma, people. Seriously, did you know these facts about Nelson? Me, neither, and that’s not what the author intended to say. Excellent example of why the comma matters. Anyway, made me laugh. I am one sick puppy. LOL

It’s a gorgeous day. I was very unhappy yesterday when they butchered two of the trees directly across from me. No reason that I could see. They looked healthy and fine. unnamedThe one on the left, they only cut off most of the right side, and left the left. (Ha ha) Symmetry, people? It looks like it could just fall over to the left from the weight. 2014-09-08 13.08.19

Not tree-men, obviously. Just two town employees with a buzz saw. It was the best part of living here, having that line of blossoms out my window every spring. Now I have that line of Tedeschi’s mini-mall. Oh, well. But the weather is very fine, and I am going out with my friend to do some shopping. Took my three extra-strength Excedrin and my allergy pill, had my coffee…it’s all good. Well, except for the trees. đŸ™‚

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