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But, god, you know what’s worse? People actually voted, and keep voting them into office. What does that say about us?

On another note of miserableness, having a major pain day. Even my fingers hurt. And my toes. IDEK what that’s about. For future reference, people, Tylenol sucks for pain. I took three. Nothing. No effect at all. Why do I keep taking it? Morons R Us. (Oh! See previous paragraph.) The thing is, if you eat a good amount of food when taking it, it theoretically won’t give you ulcers. Ibuprofen, which does work, has no such fail-safe. Apparently it can cause strokes and heart attacks. Major pain or dead. What a choice. I love American medicine. Really, I do. God forbid you should give me the good drugs. You’re not the ones in pain. I am just a big bundle of joy today. Sorry.

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