Laughing Now.

I have been filling out my Peapod order on my Nexus 7.  Buying lots of salad things and will get my homemaker to help me get them user-ready.  I’ve been getting premade salads, but they can be expensive.  Also getting power bars for breakfast, as I am not up to doing any food prep first thing.  Open box, eat contents is my usual thing.  I’ve even made a full pot of coffee sometimes and kept it in the frig to either have it cold or nuke a mugfull.  The simpler the better works for my screwed-up life.  Fooducated a few things to make sure I wasn’t just buying sugar in disguise, too.

I love, love, love this Nexus 7.  I started with Kindle Fire, but hardly used it.  It is heavy, clunky, and doesn’t even work well all the time.  So happy I went with Google.  I know they really are evil, in spite of their motto, but they do put out some good stuff.  I cannot imagine what the new Amazon Fire phone is like, but I’m not even going to research it.  I love Amazon for shopping, and I love my Kindle Reader, but Fire is a no.

So anyway, I decide to do a little post about it.  Once I figured out how to post from the Nexus, I clicked the ‘new post’ thingy, and it opened the page with a little swirly bloop bloop.  So laughing now.



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