Good Grief, Charlie Brown

Forget where I found this article. Sorry about that.
I have the dumb

Burger King, hate, logic article

Sometimes it just blows my mind, the arguments supporting the hatred, bigotry and homophobia some people live in. Logic trumps. It’s a good thing. I’ve said this before, yes, but worth saying again: The NEW Testament TRUMPS and CANCELS the OLD Testament. Fundamentalists and religious bigots and fanatics choose to ignore that fact to give themselves permission to shore up their shaky senses of self-worth by hating, denigrating, and persecuting others they perceive as different. If they weren’t so dangerous, we would all be going, ‘Oh, poor babies. Feeling bad about yourselves? What a shame.” Can’t we just make them all go and stand in the corner for several millennia?

Here’s an example of a better way:

The way to do an apology

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