Trying a New Browser

Firefox, you have pushed me right out. Now I have to click a ‘yes/no to updating’ type box everytime I fire it up. Read about Pale Moon in the comments to this article:

‘make use of’ article

You can get a download that imports EVERYthing from Firefox just the way you have it set up. The only extension I use that isn’t Pale Moon ready is All-in-one Sidebar, but I can live without it for now.

Just started using it a bit ago, but everything I’ve done works exactly like on Firefox. It even brought over my themes.

On the illness front, I upped my Prednisone to 2 mg Sunday, after having a week of pain and miserableness on 1 mg. Going to ask druggist if they make 1/2 mg pills, so I can go to 1 and 1/2 mg next decrease. I can probably cut a one in half, but they are so small I’m afraid I’ll end up counting grains.

th_penguinFinally got hot and sticky to the max, so turned on the a/c Tuesday. Doesn’t work. Seems to be pushing hot air. Called maintenance yesterday, and the plumber was here almost an hour and a half. Turns out the valve was stuck. Who knew there was a valve? They are old units on this building and he has not worked on them before this year. He said pretty soon he will be an expert, since people started calling in April to have theirs looked at. Who needs an a/c in April? It was still cold. Anyway, he had to take the unit apart on the roof, and the valve which changes from hot to cold according to your thermostat setting. The tube was hot. He whacked it. Yes, he whacked it. It got cold. My kind of repair man. I’m all for whacking things. Preferably with a sledge hammer. Whacking unstuck it, and I am now cool and dry. Bring it on, summer. Of course, we are going to get brushed by Alfred or Albert or whatever that hurricane is Arthur, it’s Arthur, on Friday. Fourth events all over Eastern Mass are being rescheduled. Last year they cancelled the Block Party, which happened right in front of my building and all up and down the street, due to bad weather. They decided to change to several different events over the year instead. Makes sense, since climate change means weather is getting more volatile, but I will miss it.

Wordy today. First day I’ve felt really okay again on the upped Pred. It’s a good thing. Unless you don’t like wordy, I guess. Done now.

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